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PrePaidPower is a revolutionary system, offering pre-paid Water and Electricity sub-meters designed for rental property owners and management companies.


PrePaidPower sub-meters, combined with an internet based, token vending system, enable the collection of advance payment for the consumption of Water and Electricity used by tenants, thereby helping property owners reduce management costs and avoid bad debts.


PrePaidPower also has your tenant’s comfort in mind. Unlike other systems on the market, PrePaidPower does not utilize any physical device to top up the sub-meter (like cards / smart cards) and consequently has eliminated the need of vending stations and the exchange / recharging of cards. The tenant can purchase credit via a phone call, SMS or internet, without even leaving their home and the credit is delivered directly to them by SMS or email.


PrePaidPower sub-meters operate via highly-secure numeric codes (digital tokens), which can be delivered by email or SMS, directly to the tenant. All the tenant has to do, is key the received token and the credit is immediately transferred to the sub-meter. Each token is generated by PrePaidPower and is recognized only by the meter for which it was created. Each token can only be used once and becomes void the moment it is accepted by the sub-meter.


For added convenience, PrePaidPower sub-meters consist of two modules: the sub-meter, typically installed at the entrance of the property; and a Customer Interface Unit (CIU) which can be installed anywhere in the residence. The CIU enables the tenant to easily check the available credit and to key in top-up tokens when required. In addition the CIU give visual and audible alarms to alert the tenant when credit is running low.



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