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PrePaidPower is a solution designed for rental property owners to collect payment for utilities in advance, therefore reducing costs and the possibility of bad debt.


PrePaidPower offers a state of the art, sub-metering system, that allows users to recharge their sub-meters via a phone call, sms or internet, without even leaving their home.


Unlike other systems on the market, PrePaidPower sub-metering is operated via a highly-secure 25 digit code, which eliminates the requirement of cards, charging stations or cash.



Why switch to PREPAIDPOWER?

  • No delayed payments and bad debts

  • Hassle free management and collection of bills

  • No meter reading & billing calculation costs

  • 100% advance payment

  • No meter tampering

  • Live management, reporting and control 


Why will your tenants prefer PREPAIDPOWER?

  • Consumption Control

  • Transparency in bill calculations

  • Ease of use

  • 24/7 vending and customer support

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