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Outsourced Plan

The PrePaidPower Outsourced Plan is designed for property owners who prefer to leave the issuing of tokens and payment collection to us. This is particularly interesting for owners of apartment blocks and management companies that handle numerous properties.


Under this plan, PrePaidPower will handle all interaction with the tenants, including the sale of tokens, the collection of funds and technical support. PrePaidPower will then pass on to the owners, the utility revenue in bulk and in time to pay the Water & Electricity bills.


PrePaidPower provides various methods to allow the tenant to purchase credit tokens, easily.  These include:


  • online portal (available 24 hours a day 7 days a week),

  • by phone (office hours, Monday to Friday)

  • a direct payment system (office hours, Monday to Friday)

  • mobile app


Since the tenant will be purchasing the tokens directly from PrePaidPower, it is important for the property owners to establish a suitable tariff depending on the type of property involved.


PrePaidPower will not profit on the price of the Water & Electricity supplied and will only charge a fee for the services provided. PrePaidPower will not pay the W&E bills since these will always remain the responsibility of the property owners.




Contact us to setup a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. 

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