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How does PrePaidPower Sub-Meter system work?

The system works in an ultra-secure but simple way. Once the meter is installed, the tenant is required to enter a numeric code (token) to obtain credit on the sub-meter. The tenant will then start to consume units of water and electricity until the credit is exhausted. The tenant can then buy further credit from the owner or PrePaidPower.

Which type of meters do you offer?

PrePaidPower supplies the following sub-meter devices:

  • Single Phase Electricity Sub-Meter

  • Three Phase Electricity Sub-Meter

  • Water Sub Meter

Where is the Sub-meter Installed?

The sub-meters are usually installed next to the W&E meters, installed by ENEMALTA or the WATER SERVICES Corporation, while the Customer Interface Unit (CIU) is installed in any convenient location in the rented premises.


The sub-meters can also be installed to control specific appliances or equipment. (e.g. air conditioning / heating / pumps / specific machinery).

How will the tenant know that the credit is low?

PrePaidPower sub-meters are designed to provide ample notice of low credit.


The CIU will display a visual alarm at the the first level of low credit and will sound an audiable alarm well before the meter runs out of credit.

What happens if the tenant runs out of credit?

PrePaidPower sub-meters are equipped with a number of tenant friendly features.


The sub-meters will not disconnect electric power if the credit runs out during the night. Emergency Credit is also given to the tenant if the meter runs out of credit.


Such credit is limited and will be deducted from the next top-up purchase.

Who is responsible for paying the utility bills?

PrePaidPower only offers devices / meters and management services for sub-metering applications.


PrePaidPower does not sell or resell water and electricity.


Therefore, the property owner is responsible to pay the utility bills issued by Water Services Corporation and Enemalta.

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